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As a leading property developer in the South Buckinghamshire area, we have the pick of the bunch when it comes to the best suppliers and partners in the business. We recognise that our clients want to have the peace of mind that their property has been built and finished to the highest standards; and so, we build long-lasting relationships with tried and tested contractors whose core values align with our own.

That’s why, when it comes to installing smart home systems, we only use Evolve AV. Specialists in Control4 smart home systems, they are our first port of call for any smart home enquiries. We’re going to take a look at why building smart technology into your house could change your life for the better.

Remember, if you are thinking of embarking on such a project, give us a call on 01753 392 410 or email us. We could write at length about each of these issues, but for now, here are some of the most common mistakes.

Why Go Smart?

Building smart capabilities into your new home is the best way to futureproof it and is considerably less expensive than building a house and trying to retrofit the technology. While ceiling speakers, video CCTV, and lighting schemes are relatively simple to install post-build, the cabling that is required can prove problematic.

Smarthomes are not as complicated as you might think, how far you go with your built-in technology is down to the individual or family’s requirements but working with experts like Evolve AV, you’ll be guided through the process from start to finish to get the most from your tech.

Control4 is the system which Evolve AV uses to run the smart technology in your home. This is the market-leading product and is so customisable to the individual and their lifestyle, that no two setups are the same. Some of the simplest setups can have dramatic impacts on your day-to-day life.

Smart Highlights

We could speak at length about the myriad ways an in-built smart home system can make your life easier but we’ll leave that to Evolve AV; we like to highlight some of the best bits we’ve experienced with past clients.

The smart home system can be linked to everything and you can control the whole thing from an app on your phone, smart tablet, and control panels within your home. Starting with a robust network to ensure no dead spots in your wifi, if you’re installing during the home build, most components of your smart home will be hardwired into a router leaving your mobile devices to occupy the wifi.

Everything from door locks to lighting can be controlled by your Control4 system. Never miss another delivery; speak to your delivery driver via your video doorbell, open the electric garage door and watch as your delivery is safely left in your garage before closing the door from anywhere in the world.

Going on holiday? Not a problem, you can set your lights to switch on and turn off at specific times to ward away intruders; what’s more Control4 can learn your lighting habits and mimic them while you’re away so it looks like people are moving room to room while you’re away.

Smart Media

Want to listen to your music in the kitchen while the kids listen to theirs in their rooms? Install invisible wall and ceiling speakers throughout the house and assign your own zones so you can all enjoy your music without disturbing each other.

You can also control and schedule products like TVs, thermostats, automated blinds, alarms, and CCTV systems so you have full control of your entire home whether you are there or not.

Smart homes are no gimmick. Sure, it’s fun to ask Alexa to tell a joke but smart homes are increasingly having a positive effect on the environment, especially when it comes to energy usage. Many homes in the UK still use old-fashioned thermostats with programmable timers for their heating and hot water. This means that your home is being heated when you’re out at work and we’re willing to bet that you have a “winter” setting and a “summer” setting.

Imagine what your energy bill and usage could look like if you had more control through a simple interface.

Smart homes make your life more convenient with the added bonus of enabling you to use energy more efficiently; this not only benefits your bank balance but also the planet. We should all be doing our bit to look after our environment and, avoiding heating empty houses, lighting empty rooms and generally wasting energy is something we can all do to help.

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If you would like to learn more about smart homes and how they could benefit you, make sure you speak to our trusted partners Evolve AV.

And if you would like to find out more about how we can help you to build your perfect, smart home, please contact us on 01753 392 410 or email us. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – we would love to hear from you.

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