How you know that you need a new home

As we approach the end of what has been an extremely challenging year for everyone, it is a time for assessing, reminiscing with loved ones and spending time around the dinner table making grand plans for the year ahead.

This year hasn’t really worked out the way most of us had planned and while there have been some bright spots, generally it has been a pretty dismal year. So, what are you going to do to make up for it in 2021?

We’ve been thinking about what matters and how for many of us, the lockdown brought to light what we might need to move or make changes to our current home; and, in some cases, build our own perfect house from scratch.

We’ve put together some of the key signs that might be pointing you in the direction of building a new home for your family.

The need for a queuing system

Your home should not be a place that requires a queueing system or strict time schedule just to take a shower. The lockdown earlier this year meant that the whole household was confined to the house all at the same time; all day, every day. If you found yourself unable to use the facilities or watch TV, now might be the perfect time to start thinking about how you can accommodate your growing family so that every one has their own space.

Sharing a bedroom

If you have a family and your children are currently sharing a bedroom, they probably really enjoy having a playmate and someone with whom to get up to mischief; that is, until suddenly they don’t. This can happen over night and presents you with a fairly unsolvable problem in the short term.

If you have more children than you do bedrooms, you will inevitably need to create the extra room in order to keep the peace. This will become increasingly important during those teen years – best to get planning now!

You dream of a garage or study

There comes a time in your life when you wish you had somewhere to which to escape. You find yourself day dreaming about tinkering with a classic motorbike engine in the garage or sitting in a quiet room reading a good book; just a little peace and quiet away from the havoc of day-to-day life in a busy house.

In the future a home office is likely to become a very important addition to any property so maybe your dream snug, isn’t too far from a reality – especially if you design yourself a home built to your specific needs.

Dinner party maximum capacity

When you first move in to a new home it can feel cavernous. However, it doesn’t take long to fill the space with furniture and people and, before you know it, you can’t quite fit your nearest and dearest around the table for Christmas lunch. If you’re having to pick and choose between your guests or are having sittings in shifts, now might be the time to extend your dining room.

You’ve done everything

If you live in a property for long enough it is possible to simply run out of things to improve. It’s at this point (actually, probably a few years earlier) that you should think about either moving or looking to build a property from scratch for you and your family.

You’ve extended the kitchen and dining room; you’ve eaten into your garden space by building a conservatory and changed the bathroom suites twice.

Now could be the best time to cash in on your home and find the ideal plot upon which to build your perfect forever home.

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